I really love how Factom is using Blockchain Technology to take on the challenge of big data in the 21st century. I'm very glad be part of this exciting future with all of you! (I mean, have you seen the price lately???)

So, I was thinking...

While Factoids and Entry Credits are affordable for most companies today, I think it's important for any successful community to give back to those individuals and startups who can't afford to buy a software license in the future, when negative feedback loops begin driving the price higher.

To that end, I've created essentially an Entry Credit faucet! Initially, I have funded an EC address with 40 FCT (~27.5k Entry Credits).

As these credits cannot be transferred, and the private key cannot be changed, these credits will remain available for anyone to access on a first come, first serve basis.

Here's how you can start using Factom for free today...

1) Factom GUI

Simply select "Import Private Key" and enter:




2) Factom CLI

From your command prompt window, enter:

$ factom-cli importaddress faucet Es3Ac4MGa1BpETEAq5eU6Rrws87LytWxHZCiZtuzLnvgzqLou31P


$ factom-cli importaddress faucet 61845d00bca35a1115267a2936fbe1f7607ccbee6abd60e12c2be6fe753069e2

Either approach will give you access to the more than 27.5k Entry Credits available at this address (at the time of posting): EC2uxPxmxom73T5h8s2YqV2EC3BdtGnTrUwvXiUzqpjc5HYmxUZD

I estimate this is enough funds to write 282.5mb to the Factom chain.

Edit: If you'd like to donate to this faucet to keep it funded and available for as long as possible, you just need to fund this address like you would any EC address. Good tutorial here