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Famous french university on socials sciences (EHESS) will offering a seminary onto parallels and cryptos money topics. Planning is now defined. It will began the 02/11/2016.

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Below the english translation of the EHESS seminary presentation link and complementary informations:

"Monetary space(s), parallel currencies, crypto-currencies and institutional crisis."

Parallel and crypto currencies raise strong theoretical and practical issues. These monies emphasize that the structure of monetary space is resulting of a variety of instruments, of institutional and technical arrangements, of agents and representations. In their usages – establishing boundaries or on the contrary causing their fall between people, goods, services and territories – money, and its practical support i.e. currencies, are institutions: physical structures and defined stakeholders governed by a set of rules. The heterogeneity that they imply and they claim, contrasts with monetary characteristics of unicity and exclusivity, which are today axiomatized in theory and in practice. The emergence and development of parallel currencies during economic, social and political turmoil or crisis, reacting to and taking part in them, crudely reveals the issues and conflicts that always run through a monetary space and its community of payment. These currencies are practical expressions of tension in value, confidence and sovereignty implied by the coexistence of different payments and settlement systems, pitting disparate agents, groups and axiological spheres. We will seek to understand how contemporary monetary economy articulates the multiplicity and diversity of monetary instruments, payment systems and monetary groups into a unified space of settlement forming a homogeneous payment community. The monetary and financial history is full of innovations which imply institutional and policy adaptations highlight an ontological tension running across the monetary area, i.e. the dialectical relation between individual logic and its collective counterparts. Disrupting or complementing the existing institutional arrangements, they renew the relationship between individual and social totality.

This seminar aims to establish a framework capable of establishing the interlocking logic of monetary and financial innovations, in the wider logic of institutional changes (each mutually cause and effect). It will articulate both empirical and historical contents – cases of certain parallel currencies; the issue of crypto-currencies through the bitcoin, and its radical exemplary nature and its implications – and theoretical contents. Parallel currencies will be studied in a transversal manner, as much as a field of research as heuristic and hermeneutical tools. By its topic and its problematics, the seminar is meant to be open to all students, researchers in the social sciences and from other disciplines (mathematics, computer science,…) or professional activity.

Complementary informations

EHESS is a French university, opened to everyone. You don't need an administrative registration to attend the seminary, see link

However, please note that, as an auditor, you first must request permission to the professor, see link.

Professor contact and can be find here link.

Note that the seminary will be held in French language.

If you need more info, please contact us.


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