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Easy Step by Step Guide to Get Set Up to Receive LTBCoins!

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Okay so it took me a while to get this whole process, which is super easy, figured out so I could begin entering the "magic words" and receive LTBCoin and I figured after assisting two other people (to be sure my method worked) I would create a simple step by step guide on how to get it up and running for those NOT so geeky people (like me), who want to participate in this incredible experiment of Adam's called LTBCoin.

Step 1: go to

You should see this:

Click on "Create New Wallet" you should now see something like this:

The 12 word phrase will of course be different then in this picture because it is your private key. (this is the way you access your wallet, also the thing you keep to yourself, because if someone else gets it they can empty your wallet, NOT FUN!) If for whatever reason you don't like any of the 12 words, just click the little refresh box to the right of them until you find a set you like. Now I will assume you found a set of words you like? So copy and paste them somewhere (say an encrypted file?), print a copy and hide it, put that encrypted file on a flash drive, or all of the above. IMPORTANT: if you lose this 12 word phrase, you lose your LTBCoins, remember that is why we are doing this, to get LTBCoins!

Step 4: Check the box that says you have copied the 12 words (your private key) then click "Continue" you should now see this:

Step 5: This is where you can enter something a bit easier to remember when accessing your counterwallet, but this is the "Easy Guide" so we will skip this. Click on "Create Wallet"

Step 6: Accept the terms, I read them all first, even though there is only one choice. . .Accept or go away! Now you should be here:

That is all there is to creating a counterparty wallet. This wallet will hold multiple different crypto currency, notice you have BTC (Bitcoins) and XCP (Counterparty Tokens)? Did you happen to notice there is no LTB? This is because Counterparty will not create a sub wallet for every conceivable coin this wallet can hold. When you are sent your first LTBCoins (or whatever coins) it will automatically generate an LTB sub wallet at that time. So don't fear you have done everything right up to this point.

Step 7: Leaving the page open and in another tab go on over to the lets talk bitcoin site here: Click on the "Login/ Register" in the upper right Corner. (I will assume you can register if you haven't already to create an LTB account and that you will also record your user name and password in a safe place). So assuming that you should now be logged in to your LTB account and see this:

Obviously your account will not be "jti8899" because that is me.You should see "Dashboard" on the left with "Menu" under that, you need to click on "Account Settings" to get to here:

Step 8: If you followed my instructions in Step 7 you should have the counterwallet open in another tab, go back to that tab:

Now copy (hold down Ctrl key and hit C) the BTC address (26 alpha numeric address to the right of "My Address #1" in this picture it is 1LvxRscg7JzrK6A2gBmVi83hbrEwE8WBkL)

Step 9: Now go back to the tab with LTB site and paste that address in the 4th field from the top, marked "LTBcoin Compatible Address" like This:

If you were referred by someone enter their user name in the "Referred By" field, -or- if you feel this Guide was helpful, feel free to place my user name (jti8899) in the "Referred By" field. Last enter your LTB password in the "Enter current password to complete changes" field and click on "submit" You should see this:

This is where you have to decide to sign a note or "Make a Small Donation", since this is a good cause we are going to "Make a Small Donation" so click that and you should be here: (To sign a message see this guide I made: )

Send a small Donation of a couple $$ to that bitcoin address and support LTB Network and all the great hosts. Okay we still have one more step

Step 10: You should still be on the LTB Account page. On left under "LTBCoin" you will see "Magic Words" and "Address Manager" if you Click on "Address Manager" and scroll to bottom of page you should see this:

You are now set up to receive LTBCoins. If you listen to a new podcast and hear a magic word, just come back here, login, and click on "Magic Words" you will see this:

Enter the magic word and after the next Saturday, check your counter party wallet! You will now see an LTB Sub wallet like this:

There are many more ways to earn LTBCoins and participate in the experiment, but at least now your registered and ready to go.

Hope this guide helps


Jack Taylor

"The change has already happened, what we are experiencing now is the effects of that change!"

Tipping address: 1P3tGponirwbXt5y2bY4bhs9ghp9u1FJWp

  • asdolino

    Nice step-to-step walkthrough, it should be made sticky by the mods. I didn't have any problem with the registration process but for most newbies this can be really useful.

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  • sammir

    very simple and useful, thanks for the guide buddy! :)

    If I helped you don't tip me.

    But I would really appreciate it if you would go to Account Settings => enter sammir in Referred By field => press Submit. Thank you!

  • redsn0w

    for verify free use this method also:

    public class redsn0w{ asd }

  • Alchemix

    Awesome guide Mr. Taylor. I think many new members will certainly appreciate your effort.

  • noobdan

    Does making posts on this forum, also earn you ltbcoin?

  • Cryptonaut

    @noobdan Does making posts on this forum, also earn you ltbcoin?


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  • lucisroxas

    i dont verify =.=

  • page

    I have bookmarked this so I can give it to people in the future. Thanks!

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  • SilverBullet

    Really cool that you took the time to show the whole process from start to finish.

  • petki4a

    thanks a lot for the tutorial but i dont have any bitcoins to donate , so will i receive any money ?

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