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DAVACOIN.XCP - DAVID R. ALLEN's Value Proposition

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I created 1,000,000 DAVACOIN as a way of proposing my value. During my steep learning curve to understand how to buy and trade LTBCoin I met Dan (Grandma) who was minding the chat line on the counterparty website and we chatted on skype till the wee hours of the morning.

At some point I made a suggestion which Dan must have deemed had value and I joked that he owed me 5 cents (a reference to a 1959 cartoon and running gag... ) he asked me for my BTC address which I willing gave and the equivalent of 11 cents CDN showed up. Of course I thanked him and said he had prepaid for the next session.

Creating a coin based on the shortened version of my name (the sax player coined it) Dava, seemed like a fun experiment, which actually worked.

Personally I have given myself and my work a proposed value, simply because of my age, and the fact that I have seen many things including certain patterns repeat in my 6 decades on the planet. Here was a platform that let me propose and measure that value. FUN!

With 1,000,000 DAVACOINs I can give away blocks of 10 which can be redeemed for advice, yard work cycling tours or a written and performed song. If someone wants to get more blocks, they can make me an offer to purchase additional blocks of 10 with whatever they have extra of. I can accept that offer or I can suggest I want a different trade item or amount dependent on the proposed value.

Aside from business consulting, I can do a wide variety of things and have a crazy background in music, electronics, computers and all aspects of journalism, so I may be of use to you, and I may not.

It can also go the other way as well.

As an example:

The first person that offers to sing ME a song, or read a poem over skype or facetime so that I can record it and play if for the world, will received a package of 10x10 blocks = 100 DAVACOIN

Please don't ask me the value of 100 DAVACOIN, but if you win we can talk about what I might be able to help you with. Or you can give them away and someone else can use them. Or you can loose them.

There are currently only 11 DAVACOIN in circulation, so I suspect that makes them rare.

Happy July 4th, everywhere!

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  • BTCBlue

    DAVACOIN is actually quite revolutionary. It's the first time I know of someone selling a piece of themselves in the form of a digital asset. I can see where people could crowd fund college and all kinds of things this way.

    Dan http://BTC.Blue Support

    Follow us on twitter ~

  • DCBitcoin

    What is your skype address?

    Darrell Duane, Bitcoin Consultant

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  • pairmike

    Interesting... I'll be watching to see how this venture turns out.

    Counterparty - 1Pa8fckbcdiMAA4twWyvdgbQ7QYoQMiBct

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