8 - Cryptocurrency Crackdown

2018 will be the year that central banks begin to fight back against the growing phenomenon of cryptocurrency. Manipulating the crypto markets is child's play for the central banks, which will no doubt engineer a panic selloff or cyber attack on the blockchain as a means to destroy the credibility of crypto in the minds of the public.

In addition, we should expect to see the following tactics unveiled:

  • Mainstream media linking cryptocurrencies to acts of terrorism, human trafficking, money laundering and drug running.

  • The linking of a major terrorism event (or false flag event) to Bitcoin as a way to start the process of criminalizing it.

  • The eventual passing of a federal law that requires all cryptocurrency transactions to be linked to identities (this law may take several years to pass, but the narrative will be pushed heavily in 2018).

  • The eventual roll out of an NSA-controlled crypto that also shares power with the central banks. We'll call this "FedCoin" for now, but it might as well be called "NSAcoin." Some people believe Bitcoin is already NSAcoin, and that it was introduced as a way to corral the masses into the virtual currency pillar of a totalitarian police state society.

  • Remember: The establishment isn't anti-crypto. They're just "anti" anything they don't control. They love the idea of crypto as long as they can track it, confiscate it and tax it. Their next big move is to discredit Bitcoin and shift people in to a crypto system they control.

...from Mike Adams Website www.naturalnews.com

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