We’ve had an interesting week for bitcoin as prices first crashed below the $2,000 handle only to rally strongly from the lows on renewed hope for scaling. Litecoin followed a similar pattern with a fall to $35.30 followed by a 21% rally to $42.89 dollars per coin.

Bitcoin Bounces on BIP91 Signalling

Bitcoin prices bounced from the $1,812 lows to a hit a high of $2,232 today, a move of over 23 percent. The sharp reversal during the past three days can be attributed to bitcoin miners signalling for BIP91 ahead of schedule. The initial plan called for the Segwit2x software to be deployed and for signalling to begin on July 21st. More on this HERE. Read more: https://blog.fxopen.com/bitcoin-bounces-on-signalling-for-scaling/