The battle for segwit has moved from bitcoin to litecoin as the two camps are engaging in all-out mining war. Litecoin prices swung back and forth widely since our last update as a result. But first let’s go over BTC and as usual we’ll come back to Litecoin later in this article.

Bitfinex Stops Deposits, Price Spikes

More drama in the crypto arena this week and the star is again Bitfinex. The embattled exchange stopped all deposits yesterday, adding to market fears about solvency problems. It’s unclear if the deposit block was instituted by their Taiwanese banking partners or by Bitfinex themselves. The wording of their announcement implies the first option. Few weeks ago Bitfinex was forced to stop USD withdrawals after Wells Fargo blocked their wire transfers. Initially the exchange filled a suit against WF but this was later dropped. Read more: