Bitcoin fears about a contentious fork are slipping over to the altcoin market. While the losses here are not large in BTC terms, there are in USD. Both Ether and Dash fell significantly from the highs made earlier this week.

Ether Tumbles From Highs

In US Dollars, Ether prices tumbled from the $415 high to a low of $288 today. This is a drop of $127 dollars or just above 30 percent. In BTC terms however, which is the pair we cover in our articles, the drop was much lower at only 14.6%. Here prices fell from 0.1510 to a low of 0.129 BTC before rebounding somewhat. We are currently quoted at 0.1359 BTC, about 10 percent off the all-time highs. Technically this pair is still in an uptrend and will remain so until the bears take out the 0.0865 BTC swing low. Read more: