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My question is simple.. I am thinking of creating a Podcast for Trading Cryptocurrencies, I already have a youtube channel but I think a Podcast will be less time consuming and I would also like to obtain some LTBCoin in return instead of the complex Google Pay system.

So, do I just send the mp4 file for review? how long does it has to be? is there anything specific I need to know?


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  • adam

    Hey hcf27, The place to start is sending in a draft or pilot episode and that would be to me at The file should be .mp3 (mp4 is video), we prefer shows be at least 25 minutes long and there is no upper boundary although if your content is long it should be interesting enough to justify it.

    You also will need to make sure if/when you accept sponsors, they do not fall into our disallowed industries

    The system will be getting more formal in the near future as we complete the redesign and roll out more tokenly tools integration, so just be aware if you decide to get in now it's at the end of an era and the beginning of a new one that will have a bit more structure without compromising creator independence.

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  • Bernhard

    good luck

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  • hcf27

    Thanks guys, will wait I think then and prepare something with time.

  • pairmike

    What is the name your YouTube channel?

    Counterparty - 1Pa8fckbcdiMAA4twWyvdgbQ7QYoQMiBct

  • pooktwo

    @hcf27 Thanks guys, will wait I think then and prepare something with time.

    I also would like to know the name of your youtube channel, thanks!

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