Circuitree is a multi-purpose token...

It is the interim primary currency of Creature Conduit Sanctuary, a permaculture village for artists that will be nestled in the heart of a 400-hectare food forest. Some quick highlights of the village: art; climate-controlled aquaponics greenhouses; hugelkultur; natural energy; rainwater collection/filtration/sanitation; monolithic domes; crypto-technology; compassion; cooperation; consensus...

Circuitree is also the rewards token for the artists that help produce Conduitrium, the web-comic and animated series that will follow the residents of a fictional version of Creature Conduit Sanctuary. Additionally, it will be used in a manner similar to, and directly inspired by, LTBcoin... where people will be rewarded for reading the comic and watching the animated series. Anyone possessing a certain amount of Circuitree will also be able to vote on which scenes from the comic make it into the animated series.

More information about Creature Conduit Sanctuary, Conduitrium, and Circuitree at

For the record... I also created a Counterparty form of Circuitree, but mostly for the sake of broader access. The Dogeparty form of Circuitree will likely be used more often due to its significantly cheaper fees.

Thank you for reading. :)