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Buy Wall for LTBc @ Poloniex (if you are a trader)

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I've noticed a couple of comments about the LTBc price getting low. I'm a holder with what I earn, but also trade sometimes. I "bet" the price of LTBc can go up if we participate in some trading. I trade on Poloniex, but would like to see LTBc added to Shapeshift. For me, trading is just placing some buy orders and waiting. I'm not the type to day trade minute by minute.

I mostly guess the price's of alt currency's by the amount of development, and uptick of users. Right now I think that LTBc "can go a heck of a lot higher" -The Wolf of Wall Street

This is NOT financial advice, but just wanted to see if other people were thinking about this.

  • Tintin

    I also believe ltbc can get a lot higher, however not on the short term. Currently there are just too many coins being sold, I believe we won't go up for at least a few months if you look at past behavior. it will however get tougher and tougher for bears as we move down, so hold in there. Maybe we will see a sharp rise. Btw the order book is razor thin (small orders), price can go any way any time.

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  • sicocos

    I've been doing trade in poloniex ... easy sell ltbc


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