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Hi everyone for the past few months i have been working on a new concept for btc gambling. The idea is each person can buy a raffle ticket depending on how many people are in the game will determine your %. We have 6 different systems each will have a ticket price and the maximum amount of tickets each person can buy. Soon as 2 people are in the game the 30 second timer will start. If someone else joins the timer will reset back to 30 seconds again.

For an example: The 0.0001 /10 This mean each ticket will cost 0.0001 BTC You can only buy a maximum of 10 tickets.

Or we have the system for 0.01 /100 where each ticket cost 0.01 BTC and you can buy up to 100 tickets.

We put a maximum amount of tickets each person can buy to prevent "whales" from buying a ton of tickets and giving everyone a low chance of winning.

This is the first day the site is live so if you find any issues with the site please let me know.


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