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Ed & Ethan's Live Bitcoin Report 6

Published on March 13th, 2014 by edandethan

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Subscribe to the Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Network Feed for free to automatically download new episodes of all LTB shows. This episode was recorded live on-the-air on KCAA AM 1050 serving Loma Linda, CA on March 12th. To listen live to future episodes, tune into www.letstalkbitcoin.com/live from 7-8pm pacific time on Wednesdays. Shownotes for Episode 6 of the new Ed & Ethan’s Bitcoin Report
  • The show opens with Curtis Fenimore, the man behind www.BitcoinBigfoot.com, a project that aims initially to distribute 100,000 informational brochures to Bitcoin advocates across North America. We talk to Curtis about his project and general happenings in the world of Bitcoin.
  • LTB's very own Andreas M. Antanopolous comes on the show to talk about regulation, auditing of big Bitcoin businesses and his political perspective.

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