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E81 - Bitcoin for the People

Published on February 4th, 2014 by letstalkbitcoin

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Today is February 4rd, 2014 -  Welcome to episode 81 of Let’s Talk Bitcoin , a twice weekly show about the Ideas, People and Projects building the digital economy and the future of money.

My name is Adam B. Levine, I’m the editor in chief at the LTB network and today’s episode is about how Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are different things to different people.

I’ve often noted that Cryptocurrency, Permaculture and 3d printing have a tremendous amount of overlap in their adherents because they are all systemic approaches to big problems, Money, Agriculture and Manufacturing respectively.    I’m not alone in this thought, and Xavier Hawk recently spoke about his take on Cryptocurrency, how he came to it and where he’s taking it for the betterment of his project Colony Earth.

Then, I’ve had a secret for a while... It’s called LTBcoin and I’ll explain what I mean at the end of todays episode.

But first, Stephanie Murphy caught up with Michael Paycher to talk about the latest in point of sale systems for Bitcoin, and how their technology can free servers from the need to handle money.


Michael Paycher was produced by Stephanie Murphy, Edited by Adam B. Levine

Xavier Hawk was captured by Steve Malagodi of spectacular sound at the North American Bitcoin Conference in January, 2014

LTBcoin was written read and produced by Adam B. Levine

Music was provided by Jared Rubens, General Fuzz and Calvin Henderson

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