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E33 - Live from New York!

Published on August 16th, 2013 by letstalkbitcoin

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Let's Talk Bitcoin!

Episode 33 for 8/16/2013

Continuing our August trend, todays episode is another two parter! The second portion was recorded in Manhattan, the day after the Inside Bitcoins event with Stephanie Murphy and special guest host Jonathan Mohan of BitcoinNYC. We talk about the conference, the attendees, Ripple, ASIC mining, panels and also Bacon. But first, our own Andreas M. Antonopoulos interviews Andreas Petersson of Mycelium, a very forward thinking organization in the Bitcoin entrepeneurial space, about the recent Android Wallet Bug, and how Bitcoin helped prove why functional random number generators really do matter. We cover these conferences entirely out of pocket, so if you appreciate the work we’re doing, please send Bitcoins to the address below, or Litecoins to LM43cQjXekxKv3uVXqUUb2fq7zFLSz3czP.  We'll have automated Litecoin support incorporated soon, but for now that is still manual.

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