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E32 - Sneak’s Law and Bitcoins Next 2 Billion

Published on August 12th, 2013 by letstalkbitcoin

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Todays show isnt afraid to jump in the mud - First we sit in as Manu Sporny of the World Wide Web consortium shares his perspective from years of battle (for consensus) in the trenches of web standards. He wants to bring the next two billion users into Bitcoin, and his methods are proven to work. The second half of the show consists of a long interview I conducted with Jeffrey Paul aka Sneak. Jeffrey is an american hacker and entrepreneur who splits his time between New York and Berlin. We caught up with him the day after the InsideBitcoins event for an eye-opening discussion of cryptocurrency, security, privacy, the onion router network, and much more. We cover these conferences entirely out of pocket, so if you appreciate the work we’re doing, please send Bitcoin or Litecoin tips to the addresses below Here is the video of the interview: Want to support the Show rather than this particular episode?1LTBShowv5nZ2fgZ4hWU7ieeDRNKSAxtov Inside Bitcoins Conference Support Address Bitcoin:1LC8rtgqYZ8pojvzZv4bBbwcwo9QndvP5Q Litecoin:LM43cQjXekxKv3uVXqUUb2fq7zFLSz3czP Have a question you’d like answered On-Air?  Call us at 1-855-WE-TALK-BITCOIN Bitmessage: BM-BcWgZS3dqdrCz9x7cDi9QnMUc51xZbNv

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