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E23 - Is Mt. Gox Insolvent?

Published on July 12th, 2013 by letstalkbitcoin

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Shownotes for Episode 23.1 - “Is Mt. Gox Insolvent?"
  • Andreas Reports from Restore the 4th & Buttonwood SF
  • Stephanie asks “Is Mt.Gox Insolvent?"
  • Adam recounts The Hundred Flowers campaign
Shownotes for Episode 23.2 - Setting the Agenda with Jon Matonis,Executive Director of the Bitcoin Foundation 03:53 - The Internationalization of the Bitcoin Foundation 05:36 - What types of cases will the Legal Fund look to participate in? 06:48 - The Bitcoin Foundation Internationally 08:19 - Will non-US foundation members be able to join the US chapter in this decentralized future? 09:31 - What type of organizational structure will local chapters use? 11:18 - The Franchise Model? 12:01 - What type of timeframe can we expect? 12:52 - If someone has ideas, how can they reach you? 13:10 - The other six and a half billion? 14:08 - Building the Legal Defense Dream Team 14:53 - The Bitfloor Story 15:10 - Defensive Intellectual Property for the Foundation 16:18 - Paper Wallet Patent? 17:07 - What kind of work is the foundation doing right now? 18:48 - Can we expect a more pro-active foundation? 19:02 - Start of community questions 19:12 - Can you please clarify what your role is, and peters? 20:19 - Bitcoin Foundation Transparency 22:27 - Grant Program - Criteria? 26:37 - Utilities? Is Open Source Important? 28:59 - Adding Two Boardmembers in September 29:36 - What type of role and time commitment does that entail? 30:29 - Fungability and Address Taint 32:16 - Incentivizing This sort of thing? 35:46 - What do you think the future holds for law abiding exchanges? 36:43 - Is this a US problem? Developed world problem? 38:05 - Interfacing with Regulators 39:36 - Do Members Have a Voice? 40:55 - Change to the Proof of Work? 44:48 - What is your opinion of Alt-Coins? Join Adam & Stephanie at the Inside Bitcoins Conference on July 30th in New York City!  This all day event at the New Yorker building is the place to be for the latest commentary and networking opportunities in the Bitcoin space.   For a 20% discount on registration, please fill out this one page listener feedback form - The code is presented at the conclusion. Adam will speaking, Stephanie will be grabbing interviews and covering the event. While you’re in town, stop by one of our conference meetups!  At Bitcoin2013 in San Jose we had a FANTASTIC time and can’t wait to meet you in New York! Let’s Talk Bitcoin! Episode 18 - It’s Not The Simple! Want to support the Show rather than this particular episode?1LTBShowv5nZ2fgZ4hWU7ieeDRNKSAxtov Listener Support Addresses for Episode 23 Bitcoin:1LVFtLaLkNuWmbBSBAAPiwrafAGc1cyzRQ Litecoin:LMvmC38pgk91J3f3yrAT1fJC7idtuVwcMx Have a question you’d like answered On-Air?  Call us at 1-855-WE-TALK-BITCOIN Bitmessage: BM-BcWgZS3dqdrCz9x7cDi9QnMUc51xZbNv

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