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Categories: Let's Talk Bitcoin!

E02 - All Things Butter!

Published on April 27th, 2013 by letstalkbitcoin

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Shownotes for Episode 2 - “All Things Butter"

  • Project Talk!
  • Listener Daryl takes the first The Horrible Warning of the Week with his story about Bitfloor
  • The Anti-Gox - We talk about everything Buttercoin
  • Promises Promises, Paypal Weighs in on Crypto and the latest great miner gear - Does anybody buy the hype?
  • I sit down with David Perry of CodingInMySleep.com for a heart-to-heart on Butterfly Labs
  • Is Bitcoin the way out of government corruption for third world countries?
  • Mesh Networks for rural cryptocurrency use - Fact or fiction?
  • And finally, Correspondent Peter Dushenski checks in on De-Geekifying Cryptography.

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