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Published on April 21st, 2014 by Submissions

By Peter Marko

A true revolution in money transferring system is finally here. It is called CoinBeam.org.

CoinBeam is a money transferring system, using BTC as the base currency.

From the beginning, there was a vision of few people, all professionals in their fields. Their vision was to change the current outdated and ineffective system of money transfer.

With the actual legislation using the newest and the most sophisticated technology, they have successfully created a system, within which the BTC transfer is absolutely safe, anonymous and extremely fast. The transaction speed between accounts is counted in seconds no matter the distance. The fundamental goals for creating the CoinBeam system were: speed, safety, accessibility, confidentiality and anonymity.

Focused on their customers - merchants, organisations, businessmen and everyday consumers, Coinbeam designed a system that could meet the requirements of all. Registration is really simple. With just a valid email address and a password of 10 characters, you can easily obtain your account. Opening an account is absolutely free of cost with no additional account keeping fees. Apparently the creators have cared for the security very much. With an 128 bit encrypted SSL system of security and their decision not to store passwords on any server, we would really like to advise you to safeguard  this very important detail of your account’s accession. Otherwise your coins can be lost forever. The user-friendly interface designed to serve all kinds of customers, makes the system truly enjoyable and understandable from the very first moment. Immediately after the registration, your account is ready for transactions.

What makes the system a true revolution is the price for these anonymous transactions. External transfers are charged with as little as 1%, however the internal transfers between two CoinBeam accounts cost 0.0001 BTC, no matter of the amount transferred.

As previously mentioned, all the transactions are anonymous and the system does not store any details or information from the clients. As long as you have a valid email address, you can become a client of CoinBeam.

Merchants and e-shop owners would enjoy the benefits of this system. Using a code in “settings”,  they can link their website or e-shop with CoinBeam account. This simple procedure can be carried out with any beginner programmer within less than 15 minutes. Upon the client’s choice, one of the 12 CoinBeam buttons, appear on the website and profit-orientated entrepreneurs, can start receiving their bitcoin payments.

CoinBeam successfully dismantles current problems with ineffective and time-consuming BTC e-wallet systems. Without the need of any downloads, special softwares or synchronisations, CoinBeam remarkably simplifies the use of BTC and it brings them closer to the masses.

The servers’ capacity allows the system to handle around 500.000 transactions daily. We hope that owners of the system would not let the growing number of users interfere with the brilliantly fast execution of transactions.

CoinBeam has all the necessary requirements to become a truly remarkable system. With expectation of coming features, such as CoinBeam applications for mobile devices, or acceptance of other than bitcoin crypto currencies, we wish CoinBeam a successful start and even more successful future.

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