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XCP Weekly Update #7 - WOODSHARES and Wallet Genie

Published on July 13th, 2015 by pooktwo

This weeks episode is sponsored by Tokenly – an open source company building tools to make tokens more useful and usable to everyone

Weekly Update #6:

Robert Ross is a Counterparty Foundation Community Director and the Director of FoldingCoin Inc. Each week Robert and various guests will bring you the news of what has been going on in the Counterparty communities and also touching base on the other Bitcoin 2.0 communities. You can find a complete breakdown of everything discussed on this show by going to this XCPassets.org news blog or read the notes below.

I am happy to announce the ability for paid sponsorship’s. I accept any Counterparty Token that is on CoinMarketCap.com in addition to TOPFOLDER tokens, please click below

Thank you to Roman and Carlos for discussing WOODSHARES and also thank you to Mark and Jake for discussing Wallet Genie.

Please contact me [email protected] with any Counterparty projects you are working on with suggestions to feature them on the show. Or contact me if you would like assistance or advice on how you can create your project on the Counterparty platform. I may not be able to answer your question or help your project, but I will do my best to find the person who can.

If you are an independent artist and would like to hear your song on this show, please email me at [email protected] and we can arrange something. Thank you to Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for the audio segways.

Thank you to Max Jackson for the ending song. Max Jackson is a musician specializing in electronic and instrumental music that is perfect for podcasts or online videos. We will ends the show with a track of Max’s called “Vosdal Sunset”. If you like his work feel free to checkout his Swapbot or Tend machine and you can pay to have something specialized for your project.

All tips and donations for this podcast will be used to better the FoldingCoin Inc project.


This show is not intended for investment advice.

Counterparty News:

  • This week has had some hiccups in Counterparty transactions due to some changes in the Bitcoin world. I asked some developers in the Counterparty space to comment on what has been going on. Nick Rathman, developer for the Tokenly project stated the following:
  1. Earlier this week, a transaction spam attack began on the bitcoin network, causing the backlog of unconfirmed transactions to build up to a huge amount, peaking at over 90,000 unconfirmed transactions. This has caused some instability in several bitcoin services, with the Counterparty ecosystem getting hit particularly hard (including frequent downtime for Counterwallet). An issue was discovered that causes transaction creation to time out and fail during high network load, and some servers have been experiencing frequent crashes, requiring a restart. Additionally, some Counterparty transactions have been getting caught up in the transaction backlog and taking much longer than usual to confirm, 12+ hours in some cases. Temporary work arounds have been put in place to deal with the server issues, and it is recommended to pay a higher than normal miners fee whenever possible in order to ensure reasonable confirmation time. Fortunately, the spam attack appears to be dying down and we expect things to return to normal shortly.
  • Devon Weller, a Counterparty Community Director and developer for Tokenly stated the following:
  1. The counterparty developers and community are exploring options to remedy the problem in the future. The most likely solution will be to upgrade the patched version of bitcoin core to the just released 0.11 version which includes better memory optimization and more spam controls.

Asset of the Week:

  • The asset of the week this week is WOODSHARES and we welcome Roman Parra the CEO and Carlos Mesa the COO to discuss the project. For the full interview please click here

FoldingCoin Update:

  • The FoldingCoin marketplace has now been working properly for a week. Right now there is still no direct WooCommerce integration so you must buy each item individually. Also the FoldingCoin lead developer James has been working hard on getting USD price integration with Tend so that way we can peg USD prices to items sold on the shop. Once this is complete, we will be ready to allow anyone to post items on the shop. For now we do allow any vendors to begin posting items by filling out a simple registration form and paying 100,000 FLDC. This will allow a vendor to post as many items as they would like. We are still discussing how we will collect fees for items posted, but for now a vendor only needs to pay the one time 100,000 FLDC fee. Please visit Shop.FoldingCoin.net for more information.

Project News:

  • IndieSquare has open sourced their Counterwallet Mobile application. I look forward to learning more about their project as we have been discussing them coming on the show sometime this month so be sure to stay tuned and test out their great Counterwallet mobile application available on iOS and Android.

Asset News:

  • Spells of Genesis has launched the first web prototype for the Spells of Genesis game. If you login to your account on spellsofgenesis.com you will be able to begin playing the prototype. Spells also has a French language version of their website and newsletters. You can also now purchase the Storj, Gemz, Swarm, and XCP based Spells of Genesis cards using the Tokenly services that can be found at the FoldingCoin Shop.
  • Topcoin will be giving away 100 free TOPCOIN to anyone who registers an account with them. Please go to Topcoin.com for more information
  • GetGems has released their Development Update #14. This blog announces some new exciting features for the mobile application. The first is the GetGems iOS in app store. I have looked through this store and it is really exciting that you can begin to use GEMZ for gift cards such as amazon or ebay. Some other updates are transaction details, transaction types, Bitcoin Display units, and multiple fiat currency exchange rates. For more infromation please read the GetGems update #14

Sponsors and Shout Outs:

  • This episode of the XCP Update is brought to you by Tokenly, an open source company building tools to make tokens more useful and usable to everyone. Tokenly has just released a new version of the familiar LTB companion wallet called Tokenly Pockets. This new version has all the same great features that the LTB companion wallet does, except that it adds some new functionality such as looking up the market rates of the various Counterparty tokens. Also by clicking the various tokens displayed you will be able to quickly access the Swapbot selling that token so long as there is one. Of course Tokenly pockets won’t stop there and have great ideas for the future direction for the wallet. If you would like to learn more, Adam is up to date on the LTB forums as always so feel free to stop by the forum threads and ask him questions.
  • This weeks shout out goes to the Inside Bitcoin Chicago participants. I really enjoyed my time going to my very first Bitcoin conference. I was really happy to see a couple great Counterparty related representatives there. Shawn Wilkinson from Storj was on the “BITCOIN 2.0 AND BLOCKCHAIN STARTUPS” panel and did a great job representing Storj. Tatiana Moroz was also there conducting interviews and also speaking on the “MAKING BITCOIN EASY FOR SMALL BUSINESS” panel. Great job guys and I look forward to attending future conferences.

Project of the Week:

  • The project of the week this week is Wallet Genie from the founders of InSatoshiWeTrust.net and I welcome Mark and Jake the founders and LTB community members.

Bitcoin 2.0 News:

  • Because the conference took up a lot of my time this past weekend, I did not collect any bitcoin 2.0 news so we will go straight into Chris and Josh’s weekly report of the Skype Chit Chat.

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