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XCP Weekly Update #13 - The Bitcoin Core Argument

Published on August 23rd, 2015 by pooktwo

Weekly Update #13:

Robert Ross is a Counterparty Foundation Community Director and the Director of FoldingCoin Inc. Each week Robert and various guests will bring you the news of what has been going on in the Counterparty communities and also touching base on the other Bitcoin 2.0 communities.

I am happy to announce the ability for paid sponsorship’s. I accept any Counterparty Token that is on CoinMarketCap.com in addition to TOPFOLDER tokens, please click below

Thank you to Chris DeRose and Joshua Unseth for the chit-chat recap of the week. I am looking into finding a permalink so you can simply click here to join the chit chat (an admin setting in the channel needs to change), but in the meantime please tweet @derosetech and he will grant you access.

Please contact me [email protected] with any Counterparty projects you are working on with suggestions to feature them on the show. Or contact me if you would like assistance or advice on how you can create your project on the Counterparty platform. I may not be able to answer your question or help your project, but I will do my best to find the person who can.

If you are an independent artist and would like to hear your song on this show, please email me at [email protected] and we can arrange something. Thank you to Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for the audio segways.

Please join in the discussions on the forums at letstalkbitcoin.com and counterpartytalk.org

I have really grown to love all of the Counterparty projects over the past year, but of course many of you know me as the FoldingCoin guy which I love even more :) FoldingCoin is great and development is continuing on. Using a Counterparty token to pay people to help find the cure is a fantastic idea, and I look forward to continuing to be part of a great team in FoldingCoin. Many of you don't know Jona and James, but the are critical figures in the FoldingCoin world. But i received an email from someone asking me why donations from this podcast go to the FoldingCoin project and not the Counterparty Foundation as this is not only a FoldingCoin podcast. This is a good point, especially as I just advocated others to help contribute to the project. So as of today, all tips, donations, and sponsorship payments from this podcast will be used to better the Counterparty Foundation. I would still love your support for FoldingCoin though and you can still donate at foldingcoin.net


This show is not intended for investment advice.

Counterparty News:

  • Mark Smith, CEO of Symbiont had an interview on tabb forum this week discussing smart securities and tokens on the blockchain.

  • Counterparty released the August 17th update covering Smart Contracts, Coindaddy, and XCPassets.org.

  • Symbiont has released a statement on how the relations between the two will work. In a blog post at counterparty.io the following is stated:

Symbiont as a business is, as it has always been, a separate entity from Counterparty. We build products to match our clients’ needs, and Counterparty (as an open, public platform) cannot service all use-cases. However, Counterparty is a core part of the Symbiont “tech stack”, with entirely complementary technology to the other systems we are developing. In cases where public network on public blockchain (Bitcoin) solutions are most appropriate, Counterparty is the prime tool in our toolbelt. Effectively, nothing has changed with respect to our enthusiasm for the potential of Counterparty, and permissioned ledgers will augment Symbiont’s platform offerings, not compete with the many market uses for Counterparty. We will continue to support the Counterparty ecosystem by providing development resources, funding Ivana Zuber in her position as Executive Director of the Counterparty Foundation and handling incoming business development inquiries. However, as we onboard more clients and partners, and develop more products, we will not be able to discuss if, why or how that client product uses or does not use Counterparty. (Determining use of Counterparty should be clear to anyone via a Counterparty block explorer.)

Project of the Week:

  • This week I spoke with Sean, also known as Something on the Counterpartytalk.org forums instead of a project of the week.

Project News:

  • A new Counterparty token NGXX has been created for the website notgoxxed.com (currently if you go to the site it asks for login credentials). NotGoxxed is a community driven platform that list businesses, services, and individuals that serve the cryptocurrency space.

  • GEMZ has just passed the 10,000 transaction milestone joining LTBCOIN and FLDC. LTBCOIN looks as though it will hit the 100,000 transaction milestone first as currently there are around 95,000 LTBCOIN transactions. Counterparty as a whole now is over the 300,000 transaction milestone.

  • You can now participate in data mining for Storj. Recently Storj labs released a blog with a step by step guide on how to set this up. Shawn Wilkinson recently tweeted that there is now over 250 TB on the network. For more information please visit storj.io or the counterpartytalk.org thread

  • Adam, Stephanie and Andreas dig into the Tokenly project discussing use-cases and implications on LTB episode 239. I really enjoyed this one and I encourage everyone to listen if they already haven't.

  • Joe Looney has started another project xcp.ninja that is a Blockchain Validated Asset Metadata system. Basically this allows you to create enhanced asset information easily and quickly by filling out the simple form on xcp.ninja and then broadcasting the message that the website tells you to. For more information there is a thread that has been started by Joe in the counterpartytalk.org forums so go check it out. Fantastic URL by the way Joe

In the Community

  • Last week I read the blog from Mike Hearn in favor of BitcoinXT. People asked if I wouldnt mind going over the otherside this week, so I will be now reading the blog from Bram Cohen disagreeing with BitcoinXT.

Shout Outs and Sponsorship's

  • None this week

Next Week

  • The company that I have worked for throughout my Adult life has been very kind to me this year by letting me come and go as I please so I can work on FoldingCoin and Counterparty. They have a new project taking place out of town that will last for almost a year. They offered for me to help manage the project, but they know that my crypto life is very important to me. So we have come to a fantastic compromise. I will simply be on the job site leading my crew while construction is going. I will have a desk I can use that I will bring all of my podcast equipment and other crypto necessities. I will be able to clock in and out at my discretion whenever I am needed on the job-site. The rest of the time I can continue to work on crypto. This is actually going to be a fantastic opportunity to get a lot of crypto work done, but at the same time make some money. Since I will not be at home, no distractions will be able to take me away from my laptop, so I really am looking forward to this. The reason I am telling this story is for two things:
  1. Next week will be a very short podcast as the first week of the project will require my full attention.

  2. Does it have to be a short show? Here is what I have been thinking: I really like the idea that me and Chris discussed about the Chit Chat section before it began. It has gone great so far and a lot of the community likes it. Wouldn't it be great if more sections like the Chit Chat became part of the show? If anyone in the community has a great section idea that they would love to pitch me with them in it, I would love to include it in the show. You can even send me audio if you feel like trying it out, and I would absolutely love to talk about adding it.

  • Having a Counterparty show with a couple of segments is great. But I would love to think that a lot of smaller segments making one whole podcast could capture the interests of people a lot longer and thus make the podcast better. I would be more then willing to edit it for you as I do for the Chit Chat, and like the Chit Chat, you could release the full episode and I will link it in the show notes so those who want to hear more from you can and will.

  • Hopefully I get a bunch of takers and perhaps I will feature some on next weeks show and see which ones the community likes. Email me [email protected] with your audio and lets see what happens.

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