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XCP Update 11/01: October Report

Published on November 1st, 2015 by pooktwo

This show is not intended for investment advice.

Episode 21

Counterparty News

  • Counterparty released a new Community Update discussing some recent Counterparty related updates. I will read the update in its entirety.

  • To go more in depth about the CIP process, Community Director Devon Weller posted the following on a counterpartytalk.org

I think it is time to implement a Counterparty Improvement Protocol to better allow the community to improve the counterparty protocol and agree on standards surrounding Counterparty. With the your approval, dear community and founders, I'd like to volunteer as the editor for the CIP process. Editors do the administrative and janitorial work of assigning CIP numbers and keeping the github repository clean. All discussion and building community consensus will happen in the open, pimrarily on these forums and in the Counterparty slack8. With that said, I'd like to introduce CIP-117, which is heavily influenced by BIP-1. Once we have community consensus on this CIP, we will merge it into the Counterparty CIP repository and it will become CIP 1. I'm looking forward to improving the protocol together and furthering the Counterparty community together.

Project News

  • In a blog post from Storj Labs some new information about the network and direction of the company is available. Here are some key statements from the blog:

On August 1st, Storj Labs Inc. opened a real office and hired its first full-time employees in Atlanta, Georgia. For the last two months, we’ve been scrambling to secure funding, talent, and everything else a scrappy young startup needs. We wanted to take a little time to tell you about Storj Labs, and why it’s a critical part of the Storj Project ecosystem. Storj Labs is lowering the barrier of entry to the network. The raw protocol is very complex; to the point that only highly competent Bitcoin developers could use it directly. Needless to say, there aren’t very many of these around (yet), so the pickings would be slim for Farmers. We’re opening the Storj network up to everyone. Storj Labs will provide demand in the Storj Project marketplace by packaging Farmer storage offerings into neat plans, complete with service level agreements, terms of service, and a support system. We can sell Farmer storage on a mass scale to developers, users, and enterprises that would never consider contracting a Farmer directly. More customers means more Farmers getting paid more money, and thus a more robust and diverse network. We firmly believe that empowering Farmers is the best route to our goal: better, safer, simpler cloud storage.

  • Storj Labs released another report over the past few weeks and this second report states the following:

Distributed cloud storage company, Storj Labs, today announced that AB Periasamy has joined the company’s Technical Advisory Board. The announcement coincides with the company’s launch of commercial operations and inclusion in Needham Co’s recently published, “The Blockchain Report: Welcome to the Internet of Value”.

  • MasterXchange, a Counterparty enabled trading platform, has sent out an email to all of its members announcing that it will be shutting down. Currently on their home page the following is stated:

Dear MasterXchange customer, It is with a heavy heart that we are announcing we are going to shut down the exchange in a few weeks. It was a great adventure for us, filled with a lot of challenges, that taught us a lot and was very rewarding. The cryptocurrencies ecosystem has changed a lot since we launched in december 2013, and we are facing a lot of competition. With shrinking revenues, we are not able to provide the quality of service we have always thrived for and so we decided to move on to other projects. Please check your account balances and withdraw your coins before November 15th 2015. Passed that day, we will not guarantee anything. We are still very confident in the long run success of Bitcoin and will stay actively implicated in the Crypto Currencies ecosystem. We stored millions worth of your mastercoin and maidsafe and were never hacked. We did our best to provide a quality service. We want to thank you all for your loyalty and trust and wish you all the best for the future. Best regards, Emilien Dutang Adrien Lafuma

  • FoldingCoin released a new community update on October 25th. In the update the following is stated:

FLDC Distributions are now being released once per week every Sunday until the new distribution server is complete. I will be doing crypto work exclusively on Sundays and Thursdays from 7am-6pm starting in November. Rather than try and fit FoldingCoin in whenever, I feel that having these two days blocked out from all outside ventures will be great for me getting more things done for FoldingCoin. FoldingCoin is also working on a long over due dedicated FoldingCoin public forum page. For now you can find it at http://www.forums.foldingcoin.net/ but currently is not in use while we prepare it.

  • In Spells of Genesis news, they have released a few blogs since the last update. You can find all of their post by visiting their tumblr. Summing up their last few, the following has been stated over multiple blogs:

The BitCrystals Burn Report has been compiled and released. THE STEALING OF MOUNTAIN GOX Purchase a GOXCARD, an asset telling the story of the stolen treasure of Mountain Gox, which used to be one of the richest mountains in Askian.

  • Scotcoin had a press release discussing a recent investment report in Scotcoin.

Shout Outs and Sponsorships

  • None this week


Chris and Josh have been developing Bitcoin uncensored into a show no longer directly relates to Counterparty. They offer some great discussions and they have done a really good job with their podcast. But I want to go back to making this podcast more about Counterparty and it's surrounding projects, so I will no longer feature the "Chit-Chat" segment in future shows. You can still find their show on their soundcloud account under the name "Bitcoin Uncensored".

The end of this year is going to be busy for me with the holidays coming up, so for the time being I will be moving to every other Sunday until the holidays are over. So now look for the next weekly update on November 15th.

Please contact me [email protected] with any Counterparty projects you are working on, with suggestions to feature them on the show. Or contact me if you would like assistance or advice on how you can create your project on the Counterparty platform. I may not be able to answer your question or help your project, but I will do my best to find the person who can.

If you are an independent artist and would like to hear your song on this show, please email me at [email protected] and we can arrange something. Thank you to Cyrus Youngman and the Kingfishers for the audio segways.

Please join in the discussions on the forums at theLTBNetwork.com and counterpartytalk.org. Also join the official Counterparty Slack channel

All tips, donations, and sponsorship payments from this podcast will be used to better the Counterparty Foundation.


This show is not intended for investment advice.

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