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What Bitcoin Did #99 Why HTLCs are Harmful with Dan Robinson

Published on April 23rd, 2019 by DSholla

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“There are much better ways to do atomic exchanges across payment channels than having these ledger enforced HTLCs” — Dan Robinson

Interview location: New York

Interview date: Tuesday 26th March, 2019

Company: Paradigm

Role: Research Partner

The Lightning Network continues to grow at an impressive pace, both in terms of network capacity and development. As the network grows, more people are using and testing it, leading to open debate of its design.

Dan Robinson is a notable critic of the Lightning Network yet still a fan, and he believes that the problems he has identified can easily be solved.

In this interview I discuss with Dan why he believes that HTLCs are harmful, the problems they cause with Lightning and why he believes that packetised payments are the solution.

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