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What Bitcoin Did #79 Reviving Mt. Gox With Brock Pierce

Published on February 22nd, 2019 by DSholla

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“If someone came to me today and said should I put my money in this or banks I’d say no, you should keep your money in the bank, banks are better than we are today.” — Brock Pierce

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Wednesday 13th Feb, 2019

Brock Pierce…hmmm…

A man with a questionable history in Bitcoin and wrapped up in the Mt. Gox story. With Gox Rising Brock has a plan to help creditors but what are his incentives? The creditors I have spoken to universally think he isn’t helping yet Brock claims to only want to help the creditors receive their civil rehabilitation and ensure Mark Karpelès gets nothing.

I’ll leave this interview out there for others to judge…

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