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What Bitcoin Did #62 2019 Bitcoin Predictions With Matt Odell and Neil Woodfine

Published on January 8th, 2019 by DSholla

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“I do not believe altcoins are a threat to Bitcoin, they are a threat to individuals who speculate on them.”

— Matt Odell

“It is not a cryptocurrency industry, it is a Bitcoin industry.”

— Neil Woodfine

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Wednesday 2nd Jan, 2019

Matt Odell: Co-host of Rabbit Hole Recap podcast

Neil Woodfine: Marketing Director at Blockstream

2018 was quite the year for the cryptocurrency space, a space which many maximalists do not even believe should include Bitcoin. There is a growing voice of “Bitcoin, not crypto”, where Bitcoiners are creating a divide between Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as they believe that Bitcoin is different and should not be tarnished with the bad publicity regarding many of the other projects.

While Bitcoin prices have also dropped, there was a considerable amount of good news in 2018: from the rise of institutional products and the growth of the Lightning Network.

In this episode, I talk with Bitcoin Maximalists Matt Odell from Rabbit Hole Recap and Neil Woodfine from Blockstream. We discuss what we would like to see for Bitcoin in 2019, challenges Bitcoin companies face and Bitcoin education.

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