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What Bitcoin Did #55 The Bullish Case For Bitcoin With Vijay Boyapati

Published on December 11th, 2018 by DSholla

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“Bitcoin is like gold but with this magical ability that you can teleport it.”

— Vijay Boyapati

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Tuesday 4th Dec, 2018

Project: Bitcoin :)

Bitcoin is a survivor. In the 10 years of the protocol, Bitcoin has survived the collapse of Mt. Gox, the closing of the Silk Road, the banning of Bitcoin by the Chinese government and relentless attacks from politicians, economists and journalists.

With each attack, the Bitcoin immune system gets stronger, and with each market cycle, the infrastructure grows. In the last two years the network market cap peaked at nearly $300bn, futures have arrived, custody solutions have improved, and Lightning Network is in beta with a rapidly growing capacity.

The potential of the Bitcoin network is enormous, and the Lightning Network offers scale which the base layer has been unable to provide. Together, Bitcoin can be both a global settlement layer for digital gold and a payment network better than the current fiat system.

Vijay Boyapati highlighted the potential with his article The Bullish Case for Bitcoin, making a case for why it is the hardest form of money and the best store of value. In this interview, we discuss the originals of the article, why Bitcoin is so important and why we should be bullish about its future.

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