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What Bitcoin Did #46 Francis Pouliot on the Network Effect of Money and Why Tokens Are Scams

Published on November 9th, 2018 by DSholla

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“Humanity needed to discover what is the best form of money.”

— Francis Pouliot

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Wednesday 7th Nov, 2018

Company: Satoshi Portal & Bylls.com

Role: CEO

Crypto tokens have come under increasing scrutiny over a range of issues:

  • Are they unregistered securities?

  • Do they hold any intrinsic value?

  • Can they be a medium of exchange when prices are volatile?

  • Are they scams?

Francis Pouliet, CEO of Satoshi Portal, recently entered into a Twitter debate with Brave CEO and President, Brendan Eich over the BAT token. Francis questioned both the legality of the ICO and the added friction for users of the Brave browser when using BAT.

In this interview, I discuss the value of tokens with Francis, whether Brave should consider using Bitcoin, the network effect of money and why the value of all tokens will eventually go to zero.

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