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What Bitcoin Did #35 An Interview with Jake Chervinsky

Published on September 21st, 2018 by DSholla

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“I am skeptical about this concept of doing a securities issuance and then trying to escape liability by converting the token you used for that issuance into something else, this is not how liability works. If you violate the securities law you are liable no matter what you do afterwards.”

— Jake Chervinsky

Interview location: Skype

Interview date: Wed 19th September 2018

Company: Kobre & Kim

Role: Associate Lawyer

The growth of Cryptocurrencies has increasingly come under the lens of regulators. From Wall Street adoption to raising finance, Cryptocurrencies are rubbing shoulders with traditional finance. As regulators work to ensure that Cryptocurrencies are following due process, the industry is watching closely.

In this episode I talk to lawyer Jake Chervinsky from Kobre & Kim, a firm who represents Cryptocurrency companies about:

  • The SEC

  • Securities

  • ETFs

  • Bakkt


  • The Banking Secrecy Act

  • Shapeshift


  • Market manipulation

  • XRP

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