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What Bitcoin Did #32 An Interview with Tuur Demeester

Published on September 4th, 2018 by DSholla

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“The overall thing I am excited about is to have this free market in money, it amazes me.”

— Tuur Demeester

Interview location: San Francisco

Interview date: Wed 22nd August 2018

Company: Adamant Capital

Role: Founder/CEO

If you are a long-term Bitcoiner, you will know the name Tuur Demeester. In researching the interview, I read every Medium post he had written from his bullish position on Bitcoin to his bearish stance on Ethereum. As an economist and investor Tuur's knowledge and experience make for a great interview and we discuss:

-The looming debt crisis

-Bitcoin cycles

-Government-issued cryptocurrencies

-Ethereum’s scaling issues

-Central banks for Bitcoin

As well as talking about Crypto, we discuss his Medium Post "The day I decided to break from my parents," a personal story about his decision to separate himself from his parents.

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