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WBD313 Bitcoin Bull Market Strategy - Feb ‘21 Trading Update with Willy Woo

Published on May 5th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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Since last month's episode with Willy Woo, bitcoin went from ~$30,000 to a new all-time high of over $58,000. This price action came on the back of a couple of massive announcements:

Tesla added $1.5bn of bitcoin to its company treasury.

MicroStrategy announced a raise of $600m in a convertible senior note sale to buy bitcoin before reassessing and increasing the raise to $900m. Upon completion of the raise, the company estimated the proceeds to be close to $1.05bn

The bitcoin market cap broke through $1 trillion

While corporations are still driving the bitcoin price, Willy Woo believes that we have entered a new phase of the bull market and that retail traders have arrived. As stated in his recent newsletter: "Bitcoin's blockchain is seeing 20,000 new users per day, this is a sudden 3x increase over the normal 5,000-10,000 per day previously. It's a very sure sign that retail investors are now coming in. They typically start ramping up in numbers during the middle phases of bull markets."

In this interview, we discuss the Tesla & MicroStrategy news, the recent drop in price and what retail entering the market will mean for bitcoin.

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