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Unhashed Podcast - Mario Shills His Bags

Published on August 30th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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After a special guest runs into an unexpected event, Colin Bryan and Mario are left wondering what they should talk about. It's a good thing Bitcoin is never boring. In this weeks UNSCRIPTED episode, we let Mario shill all his bags, including Blockstream's $3.2B valuation, Ledn's Proof of reserves, Coinbase's new phone support line and how a drug dealer got his BTC back from Swedish authorities using this one weird trick.

  1. Discussion on Blockstream $3.2 B valuation, going to start mining

  2. Discussion on Ledn Proof of reserve

  3. Coinbase has announced a new support phone line for customers who believe their account has been compromised by outside actors. Users will be able to speak to a live support agent, who can kick off an investigation immediately. In an industry where support tickets and emails are the standard method of communication, Coinbase expects that this implementation could help users save valuable time when dealing with this type of crisis.

  4. Man bites dog, crypto edition The Swedish government has been forced to return over $1.5 million in bitcoin to a drug dealer after its value surged while he was in custody. Authorities in Sweden seized 36 BTC from the drug dealer, worth just under $150,000 at the time of his prosecution two years ago, according to a report Friday by U.K. newspaper The Telegraph. By the time the Swedish Enforcement Authority came to auction off the bitcoin, its value had appreciated to the extent that only three needed to be sold for the original value to be recouped. The authority must now return the remaining 33 bitcoin to the drug dealer, which prosecutor Tove Kullberg has described as “unfortunate.

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