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Unhashed Podcast - The Generationally Wealthiest Episode

Published on August 5th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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On this episode of the Unhashed Podcast, Ruben and Mario go on some detours. We talk AA+AB twitter drama, who has and hasn't gotten arrested among our hosts and guests, and go on a rant or two about generational wealth before tackling the ancient philosophical query: is calling someone a "whale" an insult?

  1. Andreas Antonopoulous (AA) and Adam Back (AB) got into a little Twitter argument this week: AA: Free of dictators, institutions, third-party, intermediaries, and just overall bullshit. Learn the difference between Blockchains and Bullshit [video link] | AB: Don't forget the mastering book | AA: I never wrote a book about Liquid! | [AA deletes his post and hides AB’s post] | AB: hey I didn't write the book in question. no need to get bendy, people expressed surprise at the time. just a subtle reminder... no need to get upset. – https://twitter.com/adam3us/status/1420333121036328961

  2. Riccardo Spagni, the former maintainer of privacy coin monero, was arrested in Nashville, Tenn. on July 20 and will be extradited to South Africa to face fraud charges for crimes unrelated to crypto. Spagni, known online as “Fluffypony,” is accused of stealing approximately $100,000 from his former employer, Cape Cookies, by generating false invoices from fictional entities and routing payment to his personal bank accounts between 2009-2011. Spagni was previously charged with fraud and related charges in a regional court in Cape Town, but pleaded not guilty and failed to appear in court. According to court documents, South African authorities could not find Spagni at his home address in South Africa. After speaking with Spagni’s friends and family they learned Spagni had fled South Africa. South African police issued a warrant for Spagni’s arrest in April. Spagni was arrested in Nashville when a private charter jet he was using for a trip from New York to Los Cabos, Mexico, stopped for fuel. Spagni is believed to have “significant cryptocurrency assets that would enable him to flee” as well as a “watch valued at $800,000,” according to the warrant. – https://www.coindesk.com/former-monero-maintainer-fluffypony-to-be-extradited-for-non-crypto-crimes

  3. To what degree is “generational wealth” a sensible meme? As Unhashed superfan Paul Sztorc tweeted earlier today ‘A short lesson for the people mumbling on here about "generational wealth"’, linking to a story about Geico’s founders’ heir having a rather sad relationship with his generational wealth. According to a Wedgewood Partners’ Inc “The Goodwin’s had bequeathed their stock to their son Leo, Jr., who had margined the stock to the hilt. Tragically, after the stock crashed, he took his life.” – https://twitter.com/neckarvalue/status/142223078313833677

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