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The Tatiana Show - Brian Zisk & Mike Salvi

Published on January 21st, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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On a special episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana brings you two interviews from the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami, Florida. She sits down with Brian Zisk, a serial entrepreneur in the crypto space whose multiple projects include Chia Network, an eco-friendly cryptocurrency, producer of the Future of Money and Technology Summit, co-founder of the SF Music Tech Fund, and several others. 

Brian reveals his involvement in the 6X7 Networks, the world’s only encrypted telecom carrier, and founding the tax company for crypto, https://cryptotax.ai/. He discusses his music projects and how he sees cryptocurrency impacting the music industry and the potential it has for artists’ bottom line. Tatiana gets his opinion of central banks creating digital currencies such as the Bahamas’ sand dollar, what pitfalls to avoid with these banks cryptocurrencies,  and where he sees the future of crypto in the next 20-30 years. 

Tatiana catches up with old friend Mike Salvi. He is a crypto-comedian based out of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania who was a first time attendee to the North American Bitcoin Conference in Miami. 

Mike gives some insight into his http://integrity.show/ which identifies and solves issues in the blockchain space. He gives a glimpse into what 2020 holds with his traveling crew of comedians at https://hahaforhire.com/.

About the Guests:


Brian Zisk is a parallel entrepreneur specializing in changing how people view industries. Brian is a seed investor in and Head of Market Development for Chia Network, the eco-friendly cryptocurrency of the future being developed by Bram Cohen, who created BitTorrent, and an incredible team. He is a founder of BuzzMakers, Inc., which has produced 19 SF MusicTech Summits, 7 Future of Money & Technology Summits, and the Maui MusicTech Experiment. He is a co-founder of the SF MusicTech Fund. Additionally, Brian is a Board Member Emiritus and Co-Founder and of the Future of Music Coalition and has been a Board Member and/or Strategic Advisor for a wide variety of tech companies and non-profits. Brian was previously a founder of The Green Witch Internet Radio which was sold to CMGI (NASDAQ: MLNK) at the turn of the millennium. He is active in many influential computer-mediated forums, is quoted and published extensively in the media, frequently appears on panels and at industry events domestically and abroad, and is an expert at frenzy whipping, brand awareness, and in creating new business models. He has traveled extensively around the world, and is connected to many cities, including San Francisco, New York, Maui, and Miami. He is married to the amazing Shoshana Zisk.

Mike Salvi is a grown man who refuses to grow up. His childlike fun point of view pokes fun at society and asks “Why grow up?” It’s much more fun to be a kid. Just ask Mike. You can catch him performing regularly either solo or with his comedy crew Haha For Hire.

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