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The Tatiana Show - Year End Wrap Up

Published on December 24th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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On a special holiday episode of #TheTatianaShow, Tatiana and Josh look back on 2019 and also forward to the new year.  There are some exciting opportunities for 2020!

What To Listen For:

Tatiana gives some details into the upcoming events in the Bahamas she’s planning called Crypto-Cares. What started out as a casual idea has become a week long event in January 2020 with a live acoustic album taping and a larger conference in the spring. 

The two recap their recent trip to Uruguay for the 7th Annual Latin American Bitcoin Conference and what makes LABitConf one of their most favorite events to attend.

Tatiana gives her New Year’s resolutions to make more time for music and continue improving and working on her blockchain platform for artist, Token.Fm as a decentralized avenue for artists to connect directly with their fans for a sustainable career.

The pair offer their critique of the current musical industry, what attracts artists to support socialism, and how platforms like Token.Fm could convert them to lovers of the free market.

Given the recent release of the Afghan papers, Josh and Tatiana ask what happened to the anti-war songs that were prevalent in the Vietnam conflict, why certain types of dissent are approved and real dissent is not, plus the controversial de-platforming and censoring of artists and how blockchain could be the solution.

Josh also opens up about his sister Leah, who has worked with people suffering from mental illness and Down’s syndrome before being diagnosed with a brain tumor. They describe her as an awesome person and give some info for her GoFundMe to assist her family with their medical bills.

Going forward into 2020, Tatiana and Josh remind everyone to keep educating people about blockchain, crypto, and to win hearts and minds by reminding people they are free. 

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