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The Tatiana Show - Rob Viglione Horizen

Published on December 21st, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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On this episode of The Tatiana Show, our friend from the crypto space Rob Viglione stops by.  Rob is the co-founder of the Horizen project formerly known as Zencash. Launched in May 2017, Horizen is a cutting-edge technology platform that allows real life use beyond its Zen cryptocurrency. It includes the ability to implement sidechains and integrate third party technologies by using a hub and spoke type architecture. 

Rob shares with Josh and Tatiana the recent breakthroughs in sidechain technology at the company and provides the major benefits they will bring such as:

  • Scalability- The sidechain will be completely independent from the main chain, so the core client doesn’t require any modifications.
  • Safety- Any possible security issues will be bound inside the sidechain and are limited only to the sidechain balance in the main chain.
  • Decentralization- Sidechains can be run without the need of a central authority or trusted parties to validate the cross chain transfers.
  • SDK(Software Development Kits)- Horizen’s sidechains allow for unlimited software languages and the ability to customize the logic or data with no limitations.

Rob responds to critics of crypto and blockchain who accuse the technology of being used only for drug dealers, pornographers, and money launderers. We ponder if it’s possible to have good regulation and whether we’d like to see blockchain go mainstream.  We also discuss how decentralization is the key for blockchain and crypto to avoid the pitfalls of the current fiat system.

About the Guests:

Rob is the Team Lead and Co-founder of Horizen, a blockchain platform that aims to enable an application-rich and inclusive ecosystem through its leading-edge sidechain solutions.


Formally a trained physicist, mathematician, and military officer, Rob's experience working on satellite radar, space launch vehicles, and combat support intelligence informed much of his understanding of how blockchain technology could change the trajectory of global societies. 

Rob holds his Bachelor of Physics and Actuarial Mathematics, an MBA in Finance & Marketing, and is a PhD candidate in finance at the University of South Carolina where he researches cryptocurrency and teaches a class on blockchain in finance.

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