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The Tatiana Show - Libertarian Party Candidate for President Jo Jorgensen

Published on June 23rd, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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If choosing between terrible and awful for president this year makes you want to take a hard look at seasteading or joining an autonomous zone, this episode of The Tatiana Show may just offer some hope.

Libertarian Party candidate for president and long-time Libertarian Party member, Jo Jorgensen, joins Tatiana for this important, information-filled episode to explain how she is the right choice this election year.

Many people may not realize that the election commission is a private entity that determines which candidates appear on the debate stage, and they have managed to stop third party candidates from participating, despite the LP being on the ballot in all 50 states.

Jo explains her position on issues such as controlling social media, how to deal with corporate monopolies, reducing government influence in your daily life, how to educate and unify voters across the political spectrum, and cryptocurrency.

Jo also comments on current national concerns, including defunding the police, the war on drugs, the Libertarian view on the legitimate functions of the government, and how COVID-19 is impacting her campaign and ballot access. 

Do you know what the Libertarian Party platform includes?
Did you know who the Libertarian Party candidate is this year? 

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About the Guest:


Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Senior Lecturer in Psychology at Clemson University. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology (Clemson, 2002) and has taught full-time since 2006. She graduated in 1979 from Baylor University with a B.S. in Psychology and in 1980 from Southern Methodist University with an MBA.


After earning her MBA, she put her education to work as a marketing representative for IBM. Relocating to Greenville, S.C. in 1983, she started her own software sales business.


 After taking a career sabbatical to raise her two children, she became a partner in a software duplication company, later taking over as president and sole owner. She founded a business consulting company in 2002 and continues working with select clients.


Dr. Jo Jorgensen was the Libertarian Party Vice-Presidential Nominee with Harry Browne in 1996.


She campaigned in 38 states and appeared as a Libertarian spokesperson on over 300 radio shows all across America. She regularly lit up the call-in boards, helping listeners discover the Libertarian Party and generating inquiries and new LP members.


In 1992, she was the Libertarian Party’s candidate for South Carolina’s 4th Congressional District. After a statewide televised debate with her Democratic and Republican opponents, Dr. Jorgensen’s debate performance was widely praised in the media, and the Greenville News referred to her as “a rose between two thorns.”


Dr. Jo Jorgensen is a Life Member of the Libertarian Party. She supported Ed Clark for president in 1980 and has been voting Libertarian ever since. She officially joined the Libertarian Party in 1983 and has served as Greenville County chair, state vice chair, and national marketing director for the Libertarian Party.

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