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TTS 253 Prepperpalooza Part 2

Published on April 14th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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You didn’t think we could fit all of the PREPPERPALOOZA fun into just one episode, did you?

After a really informative kickoff on Part 1 of Prepperpalooza, Tatiana and Josh are joined by Army veteran Dionna Bailey, Air Force veteran Kristen Megan, nursing professional Alyze Sam, musicians Dianna Zinni, Jeremy Myers, Jordan Page, comedian Mike Salvi, crypto podcasters Alexandra Moxin and Lea Thompson, and Volta Market CEO, Michael Horowitz.

Our conversation in Part 2 begins with the question: Why weren’t hospitals prepared for the pandemic?

And then, the fun begins. Enter the conspiracies!
Chemtrails and geoengineering, 5G radiation, and Big Brother is everywhere and they have all of your personal data!
Just how vulnerable is the U.S. to a physical attack or an attack on technology controlling infrastructure?
Has COVID-19 been around longer than we know? How many people have already gotten sick from the coronavirus and had no idea that is what it was?


Congress considered the “digital dollar” to handle stimulus money distribution... after bashing cryptocurrencies for years. Now, will they ban stablecoins to stop competition with a federal digital dollar?

Guns and ammo sold out quickly, everywhere. Should we be worried about things devolving into violence?

How will the economy fare and what will change coming out of the pandemic quarantine?

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