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TTS 249 Lea Thompson Girl Gone Crypto

Published on March 17th, 2020 by TatianaMoroz

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The lovely and entertaining Lea Thompson joins Tatiana and Josh on this episode of The Tatiana Show. Lea is the creative force behind Girl Gone Crypto, a YouTube channel for all things crypto. She interviews top experts in the space, reviews different cryptocurrency projects, and goes behind the scenes at many events in the world of blockchain.


Lea’s story in the crypto space began around 2017, when she posted a ukulele cover on the Steemit and earned her first $100 in crypto. She began investing in Bitcoin and  receiving requests to talk at multiple conferences. This led to her starting the Girl Gone Crypto channel.


Tatiana and Josh discuss with Lea how to convince friends and family to begin using and investing in cryptocurrencies, how the coronavirus, COVID-19, will affect the Bitcoin market, and how to get to the next phase of crypto: usability.


About the Guests:

Lea Thompson is a brand, marketing, and sales professional from the tech industry turned crypto nerd. Obsessed with the power of video content to grown brands and businesses, she is passionate about advancing the space by connecting everyday users to blockchain-powered applications.

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