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Bitcoin Audible - LOT true or false? The Last Hurdle for Taproot [Aaron Van Wirdum]

Published on March 9th, 2021 by BTCMedia

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"As a consensus system without central authority, Bitcoin protocol upgrades can be challenging. If one segment of the network upgrades to a new version of the protocol before another segment does, different nodes might enforce different rules, introducing the risk that the network fractures between them." - Aaron Van Wirdum

Today's read is from Aaron Van Wirdum at Bitcoin Magazine, an excellent writer who has so many brilliant breakdowns of the technical and historical elements of Bitcoin. Taproot is SO close, but there is a final debate, a final hurdle to tackle before we get to see it activated on the network, and that’s over how and when to turn on the switch. LOT=true or LOT=false? This is the Last Hurdle Before Taproot Activation:

https://bitcoinmagazine.com/technical/lottrue-or-lotfalse-this-is-the-last-hurdle-before-taproot-activation Check out the Bitcoin Audible Page for Aaron & his collection of amazing work: https://bitcoinaudible.com/?page_id=5204

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