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Thw Tatiana Show- Kyle Stalzer

Published on January 30th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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Wandering around at the Blockland Cleveland event, I came upon this little startup.  I am always eager to think of easy ways to onboard crypto people into Bitcoin in a secure way.  The guys at Coin Ninja made a wallet that’s called Drop Bit. SUPER EASY!  I loved it, and all I needed to give them is my phone number.  It seems pretty secure too, so listen to the interview and see for yourself!  I like the company story, and it worked really well when I tried it. I am eager to see what else will come out of this team!  Listen in and see what a local Ohio business is working on, and get a little insight into community there while you’re at it. I am really loving how the city realizes the future is in blockchain, plus there’s an artsy side as a bonus!

About the Guests:

Throughout his career, Kyle Stalzer has been at the  intersection of technology and business in order to help formulate and optimize online strategy for an organization.

He specializes in developing online product strategy based on developing and interpreting quantitative analytic trends and coupling that with qualitative user inputs to help serve and optimize the offering to the end user.

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