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The Tatiana Show - P3D, FOMO, POWH w. Kingsley Edwards, Preston Byrne

Published on August 21st, 2018 by TatianaMoroz

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Hi everyone!  I have been talking about P3D, POWH.io, and FOMO3D for about a month or so now to anyone who will listen.  I have suffered many eye rolls at what a fool I am to be taken in by this OBVIOUS ponzi… but I persisted.  I wasn’t going to let close minded thinking shut me down! I thought it was an exciting project and experiment. Hopefully you guys agree!

It was good to hear Kingsley’s perspective, as he is the bringer of P3D to me, as well as one of my first Bitcoin friends.  Preston was a great skeptic, and was chosen for his tweet a few weeks ago around when P3D was popping.  Petros brought in the dev perspective.  Josh was a bit skeptical, but def intrigued.  Where did we end up after the convo?  I don’t know, but it was a cool exploration!

We also had on Sharon from Chicago Blockchain Project. Check out the conference this weekend Aug 24-25!  I can’t wait to perform, and I know I have some cool panels with some other neat music/blockchain projects.  The vibe in Chicago is awesome, and I love Navy Pier, especially the ferris wheel!

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About the Guests:

Kingsley Edwards founded Leet, an online esports bitcoin platform, in 2013 with the vision of integrating cryptocurrencies with popular video games. After Leet was acquired by Unikrn, he acted as a Director for the UnikoinGold token sale that sold over $30M in tokens. Kingsley is now focused on bringing his experience and network from the crypto community to help other organizations achieve success in the blockchain industry with Block 16.

Preston Byrne is an independent consultant, lawyer, and fellow of the Adam Smith Institute. He advises law firms, corporate counsel, and the public sector how to engage with emerging technologies, with a particular focus at the moment on cryptocurrency, through his consulting firm Tomram LLC.

Preston is also a founder and former COO of Monax Industries, inventors of the first open-source permissioned blockchain client in 2014. This chain has since evolved into the Hyperledger Burrow blockchain client, presently the Hyperledger Project’s only Ethereum Virtual Machine.

Petros Ring is a full-stack technology developer with special expertise and deep industry knowledge in blockchain project development. Co-founding his first major venture, Leet, in 2013 he developed a first-of-its-kind skill-based gaming platform that utilized Bitcoin as the underlying micro-transaction layer. After successfully exiting, he worked on a venture to create programmable token valuation methodologies. In addition, he began advising multiple projects on crypto-economics, blockchain technical architectures, and general projects structuring with Block 16, a Las Vegas based blockchain consultancy.

Sharon Burn’s passion is emerging technology and its implications for organizational effectiveness, specifically in the social good sector. At the Chicago Blockchain Project, she is responsible for the internal operations, community outreach and creating new engagement opportunities for the social sector.

Outside of Chicago Blockchain Project, she is the CEO of Critical Blink, a technology consulting firm based in Chicago and CEO & Founder of BlockData4Good.com. BlockData4Good is a platform that enables data philanthropy for individuals and institutions, and both doers and donors in the social sector. Data philanthropy creates a new social asset, knowledge. The knowledge that is created by the community will be powered by blockchain and artificial intelligence technologies. She completed her MFA in nonfiction writing at Columbia College in 2013. She loves the Cubs, running, urban living and her rescue dog Layla.

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