The Tatiana Show: Steemit Edition - Ned Scott, Dan Larimer, Brian Sovryn, and Ryan Singer

Published on September 21st, 2016 by TatianaMoroz


Josh and I were really excited to have on Ned Scott & Dan Larimer of Steemit with a skeptic Brian Sovryn, and Ryan Singer (a supporter but with an interesting background in business that I thought would be a good addition to the conversation).  The show was a spirited discussion about Steem, the upcoming curation guilds, Steem wealth distribution, and Identification/plagiarism among others.  I also made the announcement that I will be performing at Steemfest in Amsterdam (y'all better go!!  

Ned Scott is the co-founder and CEO of Steemit.  After studying economics and psychology at Bates, Steemit CEO Ned Scott worked in traditional private equity. Long interested in blockchain technology, after working on the BitShares project, Ned co-founded Steemit in 2016 to transform how people interact with social media.

Dan Larimer is the co-founder and CTO of Steemit. The founder of BitShares and one of the world's most experienced blockchain architects, Steemit CTO Dan Larimer has been a serial entrepreneur since 2004. Dan has created businesses in extraordinary industries ranging from virtual reality to unmanned vehicle control to cryptocurrencies. 

Ryan is the owner and CEO of Blockchain Health and has been an entrepreneur in the Bitcoin ecosystem since 2012. 

Dr. Brian Sovryn is the proprietor and developer of Zomia Offline Games, as well as the creator and host of the newscast Sovryn Tech. His background in technology comes from years spent with multiple tech companies, the U.S. Army, and from being involved in the cypherpunk community since the late 1990’s. Brian also has a Doctorate of Divinity. Beyond that, he was a co-host of the nationally syndicated radio show Free Talk Live for two years, as well as a co-host with Dr. Stephanie Murphy on the popular Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network show Sex & Science Hour, and has made numerous appearances on other podcasts, radio shows and as a speaker at various events around the world. 

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Steemit Ams Nov 11 weekend




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