The Tatiana Show - Rudy Davis of Free Schaeffer Cox & Josie Wales

Published on December 20th, 2016 by TatianaMoroz

Tatiana and guest co-host Josie Wales interview Rudy Davis of Free Schaeffer Cox, and then Tatiana and Josie have a fun conversation!

Topics include:

--"#FreeSchaeffercox and CMU Prisons"

--"The Kent Hovind Case"

--"Predictions for 2017"

--"Fake News"

About the Guest:

-Rudy is first and foremost a King James Bible Believing follower of the Lord Jesus Christ from Texas. Rudy is a member of a group called "Gideon's Army" which meets weekly to pray, read our bible and give counsel to each other regarding the topic of justice. The Gideon's Army two stated objectives are: 1) Glorify the Lord all that we do 2) Make Noise and Shine Light about the innocence of political prisoners such as Schaeffer Cox and expose corruption.

More Info:

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