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The Tatiana Show - Anita Posch of Bitcoin & Co. Podcast

Published on October 15th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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On this episode of The Tatiana Show, Tatiana and Josh interview Anita Posch, the host of the podcast Bitcoin and Co. based in Vienna.  Anita shares her story of starting out as an urban planner in the corporate world before striking out on her own as an entrepreneur in the digital world. Since 2001, she has co-founded multiple internet start-ups that support small businesses in the creative field. She also became interested in bitcoin and discusses making her move into the crypto community.


We have an interesting conversation with Anita about the lack of women in the crypto space and tech in general, and how this could be influenced by the “societal norms.” We also talk about her role in upcoming conferences such as the Lightning Network in Berlin, Germany and possibly the Understanding Bitcoin Conference in Zimbabwe. 


About the Guests:

Anita Posch is a Bitcoin enthusiast and educator. She is the host of the “Bitcoin & Co.” podcast and author of a bitcoin beginners book in german. Anita is a member of the board at “Bitcoin Austria” an educational non-profit organization established in 2011. She translated both volumes of "The Internet of Money" by Andreas M. Antonopoulos to german. In her podcast she discusses the philosophy and ideas behind bitcoin with its makers in an understandable manner. Her guests are developers, cryptographers, company founders and researchers from all parts of the world.


Anita Posch has as strong background in web development, e-commerce and online business. In 1999 she started her entrepreneurial career as web designer and co-founded her first online platform in 2006. Her former business clients include KTM Sportmotorcycle AG, woom GmbH or the Vienna University of Economics. In 2017 she finished the “Digital Currencies” course at the University of Nicosia. Anita has a Multimedia Producer Diploma from the SAE Institute and studied Urban Planning at the Technical University of Vienna.

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