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The Tatiana Show ep. 210 Brian Hoffman of Open Bazaar

Published on August 15th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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Open Bazaar's platform Haven costs nothing to use, there are no fees, and the trading is conducted amongst peers and users.  Our guest today is none other than Brian Hoffman, the CEO of OB1, and one of the main people responsible for this groundbreaking new way to buy and sell goods and services.  Josh and I talk to him about everything from money laundering and piracy, to how a dispute is settled between two parties. Special thank you to our sponsor, Vaultoro.com for their continued support. Be sure to share the show on your socials!


About the Guests:

Brian Hoffman is the CEO and co-founder of OB1, a company focused on building software for OpenBazaar, a decentralized peer to peer marketplace for global free trade using Bitcoin. He spent over 10 years working with clients like US Department of Defense, classified agencies as well as many Fortune 500 companies like Neiman Marcus, FedEx, Boeing and Hilton Hotels providing cybersecurity consulting services. He now runs one of the most well known decentralized application projects in the space with OpenBazaar.


Haven is a powerful new app that enables you to shop, chat, and send cryptocurrencies privately from your iOS or Android mobile device using the OpenBazaar network. Haven is most private shopping application available where people can buy, sell and interact without their data being tracked or harvested.

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