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The Tatiana Show Ep. 196 Bailey Reutzel & Crypto Stars

Published on May 7th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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This was a great episode where we talk to some of the stars who will be performing at the upcoming Crypto Stars Event this Saturday! We are joined by David Weiss of media partner Sonicscoop, Filmmaker Christopher Arcella & Bailey Reutzel of Coindesk. David and I reminisce about his early entrance into the crypto space and how much he loves writing about blockchain as a natural evolution from music technology. Next, we have Christopher of The Bitcoin Executor who talks about his short film Satoshi’s Sculpture Garden which will premiere at Crypto Stars on May 11! And last but not least we hear from Bailey Reutzel who has expanded her horizons past just writing about crypto into standup comedy!   She tells us a bit about her trip to Belize, her plans for Consensus week, & so much more!


About the Guests:

David Weiss is the co-founder/co-editor of www.sonicscoop.com. He is also NYC editor for Mix magazine, and the co-founder of MusicSupervisionCentral.


Born and raised in Pittsburgh, Christopher earned a Bachelor’s Degree from the Virginia Tech College of Architecture where he worked as an assistant to the director of the Virginia Tech Multimedia Lab. Following graduation he gained experience as a designer at IDEO San Francisco and Blu Dot before running an interaction design studio called RUNROBOTS. During this time Christopher built his writing and directing skills by making many of his own movies and working part time at the office of independent filmmaker Jim Jarmusch. Over the years he has consistently maintained this balance between writer, director and designer resulting in a versatile creative process.


Bailey Reutzel is a veteran finance reporter, covering technology, most specifically bitcoin and blockchain at PaymentsSource, American Banker and Digital Transactions. Her latest project Moneytripping is a Gonzo-style journalism project focused on exploring money, politics and finance in America. She has written for Ripple Insights and done PR copy for tech companies. Bailey does not have any investments in digital currencies or blockchain projects. She has previously held value in bitcoin and ether.

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