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The Tatiana Show Ep. 195 Ryan Singer of Chia Network

Published on May 3rd, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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Josh and I had a handful of guests our show to celebrate the upcoming Blockchain week, highlighted by our conversation with Ryan of the Chia Network.  First we sat down with comedian Mike Salvi, who has been instrumental in helping us put together our amazing Crypto Star event coming up next weekend. He takes a couple swipes at my Jersey roots, being from Philly and all, but it is all in good fun.  We can’t wait to hear him and his crew from Haha for Hire perform, it is going to be awesome.  Obreahny O’Brien, the author of Blockchain for CEOs and the CEO and founder of the Lenox Group, also stopped by to catch up.  She has been such a tremendous help in getting our event together as well.  Finally, our conversation with Ryan Singer and learning about all of the exciting things coming up with the Chia Network is a must listen.  I can’t wait to see Ryan and catch up with him next week as well and appreciate his support of our free live music and comedy night May 11 in NYC.  Register now!


About the Guests:

Ryan is an accomplished entrepreneur and leader in Bitcoin, the broader open source ecosystem, academia and the non-profit sector. Ryan was Co-Founder and COO of the largest American Bitcoin exchange, Tradehill, Inc. Since Tradehill, Ryan co-founded CryptoCorp, a multi-signature security company, Blockchain Clearing, a securities clearing technology company, Blockchain Health, which does document control for clinical documents using the Blockchain and Chia Network, a crypto-currency company building a better bitcoin. Other ventures include Peace Markets, a marketplace for cross-conflict peace building, a project of the Stanford Peace Innovation Lab, The OpenDocument Foundation, The OpenDocument Fellowship, OpenOffice.org and stints working for Sun Microsystems, Starbucks and the State of Georgia.


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