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The Tatiana Show Ep. 192 Doug Casey of Casey Research

Published on April 15th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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Tatiana and Josh are joined by Doug Casey of the Casey Research Center. Author of best selling books International Man and Crisis Investing, Doug discusses the future of world governments, crypto and social currency, and life extension.  His thoughts on gold and new crypto investments are also a must listen. As a visitor of 155 different nations, he shares with us his thoughts on countries to pack your bags and head for.


-Casey Research Center

-Based in Argentina

-Josh talk about his experiences with Berlin

-First book he wrote was the International Man (1977-8)

-Guidebook to the world’s countries, financial freedom and opportunity.

  -Largest selling book in history of Rhodesia.

-Second book was Crisis Investing. (1979)

- Profits and opportunities coming in greater depression.

- New York Times List for 38, Number One for 15 weeks.

-Strategic Investing

-$800,000 investment from Simon and Schuester

-Written novels with John Hunt

- Speculator

- Drug Lord

- Charles Knight

- Politically incorrect occupations can be engaged by a “good guy”.

- Putting finishing touches on Assassin.

- “Just some people that need killing.”

- Writing fiction for his own gratification and amusement.

- Governments of the world headed in the wrong direction.

- In Argentina, insulated from the bad stuff happening in the U.S., we’re on the cuff of a civil war.

- He estimates that he has been to 155 countries, lived in 10.

- Better off in Argentina than the U.S.

- Proposers of socialist programs are criminally insane.

- Modern Monetary Theory - Free license to print money.

- Driving cars and trucks is dog work.  Machines should work, people should think.      

- Self-driving cars equals central control, they’ll know where you are

- Cryptocurrency is a double-edged sword.

- 75% of people live in countries with blocked currency, making it useless.

- Major governments are going back to gold standard, led by China and Russia.

- Social Currency

- Rated on speech and actions

- Traffic Violations

- Social Penalties

- Life Extension

- Dirk Pearson and Sandy Shaw

- Life Extension - A Scientific Practical Approach

- Moore’s Law

- Hold on for twenty more years.

- Science is expensive, and socialism could destroy it.

- Tatiana reluctantly embracing the upcoming Jurassic Park scenario.

- Make friends with camp freaks.

- Going to redo International Man.

- www.InternationalMan.com

- Regrets not becoming an Eagle Scout.

- Josh earned the inaugural Computer Badge

- Crypto Advice

- Marco Wusser (sp?) - Genius German

- Weekly newsletter in www.CaseyResearch.com

- Gold is not an investment, it is money and can occasionally be a good speculation.

- It is a great way to preserve capital.

- Makes it a good reason to own lots of physical gold.

- Focus is commodities and newer crypto-related currencies.

- Venezuela, Uruguay, and New Zealand.

- The Market for Liberty (Book he read in 1971).

- www.HighGroundBooks.com


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