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The Tatiana Show Ep. 186 Anthem Blanchard of Anthem Vault

Published on March 30th, 2019 by TatianaMoroz

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Anthem Blanchard and I have known each other for a very long time through the libertarian roots we share.  He has been an early adopter of blockchain tech and it was interesting to hear about the latest developments from his team, especially in relation to stable money and gold.  Tune into this interview from the Tone Vays’ Unconfiscatable conference in Las Vegas early this year and get the latest on Herc and Anthem’s other ventures.

About the Guests:

Anthem Hayek Blanchard is the son of James (‘Jim’) Ulysses Blanchard III. Anthem is the eldest son of the family and both runs the family office and is CEO of precious metals platform company he co-founded with his wife Cynthia Blanchard, called Anthem Vault Inc. They also founded a gold blockchain payment company AnthemGold, Inc. and supply chain blockchain software platform company, Hercules SEZC. Anthem has been in the e-payments/fintech industry since 2002 and worked for six years at fintech company GoldMoneyfrom startup to profitability (public liquidity TSE 2015). He also served as an independent BoardMember of former NYSE MKT NASDAQ Russell 2000 company Pernix Therapeutics for four years. Anthem holds a B.B.A. from Emory University Goizueta Business School with a concentration in Finance and Accounting.

In his spare time, and as a charitable endeavor, Anthem teaches Bitcoin classes to novices that have not held their own Bitcoin and wish to learn the mechanics of downloading wallets and purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies. He has also lead groups of students on field trips to local crypto ATMS and established a help line for first time crypto owners. His passion is empowering people to manage their own crypto portfolios and understand the joys and pitfalls involved in the space.

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