The Tatiana Show - Alejandro De La Torre Of BTC

Published on January 26th, 2017 by TatianaMoroz

Tatiana interviews Alejandro De la Torre of & Jordan Page.

Topics include:

--"The Importance of the Bitcoin Philosophy"

--"Is Bitcoin Mining Still Viable?"

--"Cannabis Activism"

--"A Special Performance"

About the Guests:

-Alejandro has been in bitcoin since early 2013. He saw many challenges facing bitcoin adoption so decided to create a few things to help adoption, one of them being a company that was eventually acquired by Blocktrail in 2014. Bitmain Technologies then acquires Blocktrail in 2016. Blocktrail has now re-branded to We provide a bitcoin wallet, mining pool, API and block explorer.

-Jordan Page is an American recording artist who performs a mixture of rock and folk music that has captivated audiences all over the US. He is known for headlining at major protests and rallies in support of freedom, peace, and limited government. His lyrical poetry is as poignant as it is spiritual, and is matched only by his incredible guitar skills. Jordan has headlined at hundreds of political events since 2008 and is known as a leading voice of liberty in America. Jordan shared the stage with Congressman Ron Paul 18 times on the presidential campaign trail including the Revolution March in 08', the Iowa Straw Poll in 11', and the Sun Dome Rally in Tampa at the RNC in 12'. He has performed live on CSPAN numerous times at major events as well as television programs including Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano and FOX Strategy Room. Jordan is the host of a popular internet radio show "Page Against the Machine," and is also a regular guest on political talk shows including Huffington Post Live, Declare Your Independence with Ernest Hancock. He was listed by the Washington Post as the most popular artist among Ron Paul supporters in 2012 and his fearless and iconic anthems Liberty, Message of Freedom, and Pendulum continue to inspire freedom-loving people to stand up against corruption and immoral wars.

More Info:

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